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A revolutionary and truly green process.

1. Start: Clothes Placed In The Machine
Home washing and other drycleaning methods require clothing to be separated into several different categories such as weight and color. Solvair, however, has been designed so that many items usually separated, like heavy coats and light-weight silks or colored and white garments, can be cleaned together.

2. Cleaning: Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Liquid
Solvair uses an environmentally friendly, biodegradable cleaning liquid to remove stains and dirt, conceptually similar to water and detergent in home laundry. This cleaning liquid is drained then later purified and reused by the system.

3. Drying: Pressurization
Once the garments have been cleaned they are damp and need to be dried. A major benefit of the process is that drying is performed without heat. Solvair uses liquid carbon dioxide (CO2) for drying. Under pressure, CO2 becomes a liquid and is used to rinse the cleaning liquid from the garments.

4. Drying: CO2 Rinses
The Solvair machine is pressurized and liquid CO2 is brought into the cleaning wheel. This is the same kind of CO2 that gives carbonated beverages their bubbles. The Solvair Cleaning System does not create new CO2. The CO2 used in Solvair has been reclaimed from other emission sources. The cleaning liquid is attracted to the liquid CO2 . This allows multiple cool liquid CO2 rinse and drain cycles to be used to thoroughly remove cleaning liquid from the clothes. Because the machine is filled with this cool liquid and vapor during drying instead of heated air, the process is very gentle.

5. Drying: Depressurizing
At the end of the drying cycle, the pressure in the machine is reduced until the CO2 converts from a liquid to a gas, completely and instantly drying garments.

6. Clothes Are Clean And Dry
Clothes are clean, bright and odor free. This is a far more effective and energy efficient method of drying than using heat. Garments dry completely and simultaneously, regardless of weight. This means that a heavy coat and a silk blouse will dry at the exact same time.

This revolutionary green process is environmentally friendly, good for clothes and provides the most effective cleaning available.

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