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Designed safe for consumers, workers and the environment.

Designed With The Environment In Mind
Being green is at the core of Solvair's design. When we created Solvair we decided that choosing safe and eco-friendly alternatives to traditional drycleaning solvents should only be the start. Solvair doesn't just substitute a solvent or a machine, it rethinks the entire process. Each step in the system has been designed with the environment in mind.

Solvair agrees with the "cradle to cradle" philosophy in product design that encourages as close to zero impact as possible. While this goal can be very challenging, Solvair is dedicated to exploring formulations and processes that will further improve our products from both a cleaning performance and an environmental perspective.

Uses A Safe Biodegradable Cleaning Liquid
Solvair uses a highly effective biodegradable cleaning liquid, Solvair Cleaning Fluid, to remove stains and dirt, and carbon dioxide (CO2) for rinsing and drying. Solvair Cleaning Fluid is a mixture of biodegradable ingredients and dipropylene glycol n-butyl ether (DPnB). DPnB is an environmentally friendly chemical compound in the propylene glycol family, is found in many household and green formulated cleaning products, and is readily biodegradable into CO2 and water.

While a number of other possible cleaning ingredients could be used with the Solvair system, DPnB was carefully selected for Solvair for its cleaning ability and its history of safe use in consumer products. This, together with the studies conducted by the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP), sponsored by the US through the US Environmental Protection Agency and The American Chemistry Council, means we are confident that DPnB is a safe and appropriate choice for Solvair.

Notwithstanding this, we believe that it is appropriate to minimize and prevent consumer, worker, and environmental exposure to DPnB. Solvair has been designed to maximize the recycling and reuse of cleaning liquid and to eliminate emissions of Solvair Cleaning Fluid into the environment. Therefore, Solvair is a closed loop system and the rinses of the CO2 extraction (drying) process have been designed to be extremely thorough; more thorough than heat drying. The last substance to touch clothes in the process is pure liquid C02.

Does Not Add to Greenhouse Gases or Smog Formation
The Solvair Cleaning System does not create new carbon dioxide. The CO2 used in Solvair has been reclaimed from other emission sources. This means that instead of being emitted by the original source, we capture it and put it to use in the Solvair process. This reclaimed CO2 is then purified and re-used multiple times by Solvair.

Maximizes Recycling
Solvair machines have built-in systems to purify and reuse the cleaning liquid, the CO2 and the water used by the process. No waste-water is created. In addition, Solvair supplies are delivered in recyclable containers designed to prevent cleaning liquid emissions. Used supply containers are later repurposed as containers for waste. Solvair's use of cleaning supplies is half that of conventional methods of cleaning.

Minimizes Waste And Energy Use
Solvair is energy efficient and its waste rates are half that of conventional cleaning. Materials that cannot be recycled by the system are professionally removed and recycled as much as is practical. The remaining material may be used for other purposes, such as a beneficial fuel.

For more detailed environmental and technical information please contact Solvair.

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