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Heat Free Drying Is Better For Clothes

In traditional drycleaning or home laundry, clothes drop and tumble in heated air during drying. This can be detrimental to fabric and trims. By contrast, Solvair's heat free drying process rinses clothes in cold baths of liquid carbon dioxide (CO2). Clothes float in liquid and CO2 vapor, cushioned from tumbling damage. The heat free drying also reduces the risk of water based shrinkage and makes Solvair ideal for handling many delicate items.

Solvair Helps Clothes Last Longer
We understand that your clothes have monetary and emotional value and you want them to last as long as possible. Clothes also take energy and resources to produce, so helping them last longer reduces their potential environmental impact. Regular cleaning is important to preserving clothing lifespan, since stains and dirt, if left untreated, can permanently damage the composition of clothing fibers. Solvair thoroughly removes more of these damaging soils than any other process, helping clothes look better and last longer.

Less Risk For Garments
In all other cleaning processes, stains often need to be carefully treated by hand both before and after cleaning. Stain removal by hand can be difficult for even the most skilled of professionals, potentially causing garment damage. With Solvair, the process is so effective that the need for stain removal by hand is nearly eliminated. Less stain removal done by hand means less potential risk to garments—and less energy used.

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