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To be a successful cleaner, you need to differentiate yourself. When you invest in a Solvair Cleaning System, you are not only getting the most advanced cleaning technology available, you are also benefiting from a green business solution that you can feel confident about. Solvair gives you a way to truly stand out from the competition, combining an eco-friendly process that draws in new customers, with unmatched cleaning that increases customer loyalty. Your customers will love that Solvair is odor-free, gentle, and gets clothes noticeably cleaner and brighter. Solvair provides you with the opportunity to stand out from the competition with a better, green product and the marketing support to let customers know how you are different. “Going green” is good for your bottom line; Solvair’s cleaning and productivity benefits can help you increase market share, revenue, and profitability.

Enhance your operational capabilities:
•Solvair raises the bar on cleaning performance, removing the widest range of stains and soils of any cleaning technology available.
•Due to the gentle, heat-free drying process, there is no risk of setting stains and a greatly reduced risk of water-based shrinkage.
•In some cleaning processes, soils that were removed can re-deposit back onto clothing. Solvair essentially eliminates re-deposition by removing more Non-Volatile Residue (NVR) than any other process.
•Solvair has been designed to help reduce and eliminate the costly and time-consuming problems associated with lipstick loads and major dye bleeds.

Increase your plant's efficiency:
•Solvair saves you time and labor with no pre-spotting required, less and easier post-spotting, and minimized garment classification.
•Solvair’s effective drying allows for more full loads, so that it can be run with 100% capacity utilization.
•There is no need to wait, building loads throughout the day.
•Quick cycle times can increase work flow through your plant.
•Solvair reduces the need for re-cleans, resulting in more efficient time use.

Increase your Business's Profitability:
Solvair’s unique technology can lower your labor and other operational costs.
Solvair owners report that, on average, their claims are reduced by 65%.
Solvair provides the opportunity to increase your market share through differentiation and higher customer satisfaction.
With Solvair, you can increase your profit margin; customers are willing to pay a higher price for a better, green product.

Unique Built-In Diagnostics and Technical Support:
Solvair has a dedicated technical support team to help you along the way with a site evaluation of your plant, installation and operational assistance, and training.
Solvair Cleaning Systems provide you with built-in diagnostics and real-time support. The systems are continuously monitored via a computer in the machine and transmitted to a technical support center.

Get the Solvair Competitive Advantage:
•The Solvair Marketing Support Kit equips you to stand out from your competition with marketing materials and training for your counter personnel. Each of these marketing elements is designed with the consumer’s interests and needs in mind and is backed by scientific data and visual examples.
Click here to see examples.
•Solvair can differentiate your business by producing a superior green product, with a difference that consumers can see for themselves and that your competitors can’t match.
•Decrease customer sensitivity to price and location; studies show consumers are willing to pay more and travel further for a green service that truly works.


To find out if Solvair is right for you, please contact Solvair by clicking here or call 1-866-solvair.


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