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Solvair provides the most effective cleaning available.

Superior Stain Removal Technology

Solvair is not just a machine or a green cleaning formulation, but a total system designed to ensure consistent and superior cleaning results. Solvair removes a wider range of dirt and types of stains than any other process, including traditional drycleaning.

Clean, Bright and Odor Free Clothes
Solvair raises the bar on what cleaning can accomplish, getting clothes cleaner than was previously achievable. Clothes cleaned by Solvair are odor free with noticeably vivid colors, true darks and bright whites.

Prevents Stains from Setting
In home laundry, conventional drycleaning or any other process that uses heat for drying, a stain that is not removed prior to drying can become permanently set by the heat. Light colored stains, like clear soft drinks or white wine, may not be visible until it is too late, after heat has potentially set the stain. Since Solvair does not use heat for drying, the risk of newly set stains is virtually eliminated. Really stubborn stains that may not be completely removed by the process can be treated or re-cleaned safely without fear of setting. These stains could become permanent in technologies that use heat for drying.

Removes Dirt Instead Of Just Moving It
In some cleaning processes, the dirt that was removed can re-settle back on to clothing. Over time, these particles can accumulate on a garment and, if not removed, can cause garments to look grey or dull--sometimes permanently. A difference may not be noticeable on the first cleaning, but can be apparent over time. Solvair has been designed to prevent this re-settling from happening, so clothes get cleaner, last longer and continue to look their best.


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